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New Music

Autumn Leaves now out, part of Jazz EP with Moon River


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New: calm piano

Autumn Leaves (2).png
two flowers: rose and peony

Morning Breeze in D Major (Piano and Strings) collab with Carlos Hof now out!

Soft morn breezes whispers

secrets of the day

Promising fresh adventures

along its way..

With shining hopes

of a bright beginning

The new day turns into

gentle reminiscing..


Presave/Listen: click on text

Morning Breeze: woman in field of flowers

le courage d'aimer

From EP Trois Petits Morceaux: piano lives mostly every Sat at 9 PM PST (check my YouTube

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Popular piano solo... Nocturne in C minor...  570,000+ streams 

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Cinematic Piano Strings

Nature and the Romance Playlist

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Classical Music for Dreaming and Relaxing

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